The Curious Palate is locally-owned and, naturally, given the bounty of our community’s terroir, local, fresh, natural produce is the cornerstone of our culinary philosophy. The Curious Palate is proud to be working with Southern Californian farmers to bring our customers the most natural and nutritious foods available.
From house-made catsup to home-made pickles, we take pride in working with these artisan growers to bring our customers the best of the season’s bounty. We believe in celebrating life through the joys of good food, and bringing people closer together with each new edible delight.

Meet our Partners


Tutti Frutti Farms

Tutti Frutti Farms is a fifth generation organic farm that grows a variety of organic vegetables, from heirloom tomatoes and peppers to cool weather crops, like artichokes, peas and greens.

Cadoro Bakery

In 1990, Ca’d’Oro Bakery was founded in Santa Monica, Its bread is baked fresh daily and contains no preservatives.

Wong Farms

Wong Farms is a family farm located in Southern California producing summer mangoes and winter tomatoes for wholesale, online retail and farmers markets.

Valdivia Farms

North County Farm with the best in just-picked heirloom tomatoes and squash blossoms.