Leave the cooking to us

It’s our job to make you look good.

Planning an event takes is a big job—and, let’s face it, your reputation is on the line. Food is important to people, and when you feed them well, your stock goes up. Our chef’s use quality ingredients from local farms and food artisans, a catering meal from The Curious Palate is a cut above your other options. When you choose The Curious Palate, you will have made a good decision—nothing makes you look better than that.

The Curious Palate is a natural choice for an office lunch, but don’t stop there. Family gatherings, birthdays, concerts, or just a day at the beach are great occasions to choose The Curious Palate.

Questions + Answers

How much food do I need? How many sandwiches should I order? How big are your salads?

When serving sandwiches for lunch or dinner we recommend one half sandwich for every guest and an additional half sandwich for half of your guest count. For 20 guests, 15 sandwiches is good. If ordering salads to accompany, ½ a sandwich per guest should do fine. In that case, 10 sandwiches and 1-2 salad trays is recommended. In general, each full salad tray is counted as 16 small portions or 8 large portions.

Do you deliver? How big does the order have to be? Where will you deliver?

Delivery within the Santa Monica area is free for orders of $150 or more. Delivery slots are limited, however, so ordering early is prudent. Our drivers are extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and we are confident they will provide you with the great service you deserve. We generally do not include gratuity, so, if you are pleased with the driver’s service, a 10-15 percent tip is customary – and much appreciated. Recently, many of our customers have asked us to include gratuity on their invoice for their own peace of mind. This alleviates the worry of having to write in a tip while you are getting ready for a big meeting, or if you are not present when the order is delivered.