Wholesome + made with love

The Curious Palate is much more than a place to have a meal. It is a meeting house for coworkers and friends. We’ve got a comfortable dining room and spacious patio just steps from the Arclight movie theater neighborhood on the dining deck of Santa Monica Place. There’s plenty of room for families, dogs, and groups of friends to gather.

Enjoy 20 taps of craft beer, cider and kombucha direct from local independent brewers, a selection of wines from around the world, and delicious food made by hand from delicious, wholesome ingredients.

We believe in exchanging ideas, and invite you to come in to talk food: get the back story on the foods we prepare; discuss the latest culinary trends; swap a few tips and tricks with our staff.

For us, cooking is all about connecting with people – and with the earth. That means we’re always exploring new ways of supporting artisans and local producers who can provide us with fresh, sustainable, natural ingredients. We hope that as we grow, you can join us in being green and going local.

Get Curious, and discover a food lover’s paradise.

Pull up a chair

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