At THE CURIOUS PALATE, we make eating well — when and where you want to — a piece of cake. Easy as pie. Simple.

Here’s how.

Eat at Home: From Our Kitchen to Yours

It’s true: there’s no place like home. And the heart of our business is to make your home the most delicious place on earth.

Whether you’re looking for a little cheese for your wine, an earthy pot of soup to warm you up, or a hearty, healthy meal for your whole family, all our merchandise and menu items are available to take from our kitchen to yours.

Cooked foods can be carried out hot and ready-to-eat, or chilled for reheating when you’re hungry. It’s your choice. Also for your convenience, our containers can go straight into the oven for reheating – but if you prefer, bring in your own baking dishes or storage ware for us to fill.

Online Ordering

We believe in slow food – but hey, life’s short. Order online and we’ll have your meal ready when you want for pick-up.

To place an online order from our Mar Vista location, click here.
To place an online order from our Santa Monica location, click here.

Mar Vista Curbside Pick-Up

Can’t wait to kick back on the beach? Driving with a carful of toddlers? Running late for show time at the Hollywood Bowl?

If so, try this: place order online; then come on over, pull up in front of our patio and call 310-437-0144. We’ll come right out to deliver your food to your car!

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